Benefits Of Hibiscus Tea.


A few weeks ago, my dad bought home a few flavored teas and among them was Hibiscus tea. Believe me when I say that I was ecstatic! The first few things that came to my head were: tea rinse, henna treatment, alternative to hibiscus powder. I love hibiscus powder: it’s responsible for the current red highlights present in my hair now. Problem is, every time I use it with henna, it almost always leaves residues in my hair which I have to spend time picking out. So, when I saw this tea, I was over the moon. I quickly went out to buy mine solely for my hair.

That doesn’t mean I use it solely for its original purpose: subsequently, I found myself going back every morning to brew a cup of hibiscus tea to enjoy its benefits. Some of which include:

1.Weight loss (because of its low-calorie content).

2. Regular consumption of hibiscus tea help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

3. Combating heart disease and treat liver problems.

4. Contains antioxidants which help to expel toxins from the body.

5. Works as a mild diuretic as it keeps the body’s bladder functional and prevent constipation.

Other than its internal benefits, it can be used for hair as a:

– tea rinse;
– hair colour (when used with henna);
– hair strengthener; and
– mild cleanser.

So, if you’ve been unable to lay your hands on hibiscus powder, hibiscus tea is a good alternative!

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