Benefits of clay masks for skin

Clay masks have become an all-time fave for me. I mostly incorporate them in the TLC (tender-loving care) sessions I occasionally give myself. So far, I have tried multani mitti, amla, rhassoul and bentonite clays for masks and the results have been amazing! Please don’t make me choose a fave! Please bear in mind that although clay masks could be for hair and face, I’m actually referring to the face in this post.

Haha! I have attachments to all of them. Multani mitti was my first clay mask, I remember having to apply it on everyone’s face in my house since they were so interested in what I was doing 😀

I have always wanted to try rhassoul clay so when I was gifted it, I was so happy!! Thanks Dr Fomsky! And bentonite clay is just so loyal. It literally never disappoints.

Clay masks are quite beneficial for your skin, they practically suck all of the toxins and dirt out of your skin. Depending on the clay used, you will feel your face pulsing as the clay dries up. I have learnt that you could manipulate them to suit your facial needs. Clay masks are quite easy to concoct, simply mix your dry clay with any liquid of choice – rosewater, lemon juice, aloe vera juice, or good old water. I find that warm water makes bentonite clay much easier to manage.

If you have sensitive skin, you might want to choose your liquid carefully as lemon juice or apple cider vinegar may be too acidic for your skin. So make sure, whatever you choose is suitable for your skin. Also pay attention to the way you skin feels as the clay dries, if you feel unbearable tightness as it dries, please rinse it off calmly with warm water. It is important to listen to your skin, in fact facialist Sharon McGlinchey advises that “You should never let a clay mask dry fully.” After getting it wrong  a NUMBER of times, I realised that letting the clay mask completely dry made my skin so now I just allow it to work its magic, mildly dry and then rinse.

When rinsing off the clay masks, first wet your hands and pat on the mask to ensure that the water penetrates and starts to soften it, then proceed to gently clean it off your face. Remember the clay mask has already done most of the work so you don’t need to scrub it off. I once compared doing one of this facials to having a surgical face lift – it’s so true! Note that the use of these clays is not limited to topical application. Wellness Mama has a great post on this!

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