Benefits of carbonated water

As a young child, I used to wonder why the grown up people around me preferred soda water to regular water or even the good old ‘minerals’.

Now I realise that they were on to something! With low levels of pressurized carbon dioxide dissolved into still water, carbonated water is the perfect alternative for those who dislike the regular flat taste of water.

Ok… More like a bubbly alternative, other ways to make water more interesting to drink which includes adding some lemon juice or making an infusion could be found in this post. With zero calories, it’s just as good as drinking still water but with the extra oomph of the fizz.

The thing with carbonated water is that quite a number of different fizzy waters fall into this category – seltzer water, club soda (often called soda water), sparkling mineral water, tonic water etc. They are often used interchangeably.

Pop Sugar summarises the distinction between these waters here: “seltzer and club soda have both been artificially produced by passing pressurized carbon dioxide through water, but while seltzer contains no added ingredients or flavorings, club soda contains additives such as table salt, sodium bicarbonate, or potassium bicarbonate to add a slightly salty flavor… sparkling mineral water is water that contains naturally occurring carbonation and minerals. Since it’s bottled directly from a natural source, it tends to be pricier and has a more delicate effervescence than other carbonated waters.”

For those who love the fizz in soft drinks but want to cut out the sugar, then these fizzy waters are the way to go! Carbonated water hydrates just as well as still water so you’d be reaping the same benefits of supple skin, better concentration, balanced kidney function etc. A little side effect I have noticed from drinking carbonated waters is one that is quite obvious..

BELCHING! Once the first gulp goes down, a happy belch follows 😀
What do you think about carbonated water?

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