Friday beauty tips!

Hello ladies.. I’ve been literally sleeping on Pinterest these few days and as a beauty lover, I stumbled on some tips I never knew…

Now you know that the Sizelle team loves to make you beautiful all round… I thought I should share these awesome tips with you. If you’ve not been doing them, you can add them to your facial regimen and if you have, please keep it up…..and please share some beauty tips that you’ve also tested and tried in the comment section.

Here we go:02268f76e98736dbf6163b443154b0a7

Remember Ebunite talked about the benefits of green tea HERE?  You can also use it to make a toner for your face.

diy TONER   why you should tone

So that is it ladies…hope you learnt something>..

Be good at being yourself, stay true to your desire and be Fabulous 🙂

Ugomma 🙂

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