Battle Of The Scrubs: Epsom Salts vs Brown Sugar


I’ve used both of them so I think I have fairly enough experience to compare. Read about my initial impression of epsom salt HERE.

When picking out exfoliators, there are a couple of things I look out for.

First of all, I decide the part of my body I want to use them for. I’m one of those people who have separate scrubs for body and facials.

Next is my skin type. My face is fairly dry while my body is extremely dry. Of course, there are has to be a difference. I can’t use the same thing for both parts of my body else it might lead cause severe injuries. Plus the face requires something really gentle like baking soda. So, I choose accordingly.

Epsom salts have bigger particles and so it’s not exactly the easiest thing for my body. Plus I do not feel exfoliated. So I stuck to my face for a while. On those occasions, I only feel like I’m gliding ice cubes over my face without the ice of course. It wasn’t exactly comfortable plus I noticed that I use a lot of quantities at a time. As a mixologist, it also wasn’t easy to mix epsom salts with other products.

Brown sugar on the other, compared to white sugar is tinier and perfect for any skin type. It’s a perfect base for whatever product you mix. It gently removes dead cells and leaves your skin feeling smooth. By time you’re done scrubbing your entire body with brown sugar, you’ll feel the difference. You’ll notice this subtle glow especially when mixed with coconut oil.

As much as I love Epsom salts, I think it’s just good for baths and foot soaks. Brown sugar is so much better for deep exfoliation.

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