If you’re a newbie to the make-up world, it can be very hard when you go for shopping and your trying to decide what to buy…

Let’s break it down so that we can get it right…

Basically your choice of make-up is determined by how much you of your features you want to enhance…

If you have spotless skin, all you need is a light powder, eyeliner, lipstick and blush if you care.

But if your skin is rough, spot-filled, blemished you’ll need a good Foundation, light powder to set, eyeliner, lipstick and blush 🙂

Let me show you how to use 5 products to achieve a flawless look:)

Basic make-up Items

1: I applied the foundation with a sponge

2: I used the makeup applicator and applied the gold eyeshadow

3: I lined the eyes with the gel liner

4: Made the lashes longer with Mascara

5. Using the Sleek brow pencil, I groomed the brows

6. Lipstick, Lipgloss, Lipstick…………



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