Back to the shampoo basics

I started looking for ways to shorten my washdays as soon as my schedule became too packed for me to cope. It came to a point when I’d choose a good night’s rest over washing my hair. Yes, I have gone weeks without washing my hair and it surely suffered for it.

There are several tested and tried ways to go about wash days. We have spoken about the importance of cleansing your hair and scalp here on the blog. Also, we have shared several wash day accounts to show you our failures and successes on washdays.

Here are some wash routine videos that could be helpful to the newbie currently navigating washdays.

  • West African Baby walks us through each stage of her wash day.
  • Whitney of Naptural85 all gives us and updated version of her washday routine.

What is your current washday routine? What products do you swear on?

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