DIY: avocado coconut milk hair mask (with yoghurt)

Hello everyone!

A couple of weeks ago, I coloured my ends and a bit of my roots with a chemical dye. Prior to that, I’d only heard of the drying effects and the aftermath of chemical dyes from different sources. Anyways, I thought of a power-packed deep conditioner to restore and replenish the lost moisture.

I’ve been itching to try an Avocado hair mask because I’ve heard of the its various nutrients and benefits:

  1. Over 25 vital nutrients and minerals (including vitamins A, B, C, E, K AND minerals such as copper, potassium, iron,
  2. magnesium and phosphorus).
  3. It moisturises the hair;
  4. It heals dry and damaged hair;
  5. It promotes hair growth; and
  6. It treats scalp conditions.

Now you can understand my anticipation. However, I didn’t want to use it alone. Remember I said I wanted it ”power packed” … so I added a bit of coconut milk for its strengthening qualities and yogurt to serve as a protein treatment.


To make my avocado coconut milk hair mask:

  • I used a single Avocado and used random measurements for the other ingredients.
  • I scraped out the ‘meat’ of the avocado and threw all the ingredients  into a blender. When I was done blending, I didn’t notice any particle of any sort and so I didn’t need to sieve.
  • I applied it on my hair and let it in for about 2 hours. The dripping was so annoying that I couldn’t leave it for any longer. After which I washed out.
  • I noticed while washing that my hair was a bit strong. I think I used too much coconut milk. Well, there’s always a next time. Besides that, the mask didn’t disappoint. It helped and my hair was back to normal.

Will you be trying out this avocado coconut milk hair mask too?


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