DO IT YOURSELF – Make your own facial cleanser

January 20, 2014

Hi people! So you went shopping and bought that Kaygee ‘mist’ lipstick??? Or the House of Tara foundation for that flawless look??? Or that gorgeous suede Sleek pressed powder?? And you forgot to get a cleanser!!! ‘How on earth am I going to get this makeup from my face before I sleep?’, you ask yourself.. Well let’s get you fixed on getting the perfect cleanser using olive oil and aloe…


Introducing a new blogger: Ugomma

Hi! My name is  Ugomma Patience Ukam. I love make-up, fashion and singing. I can decide on which makeup or what to wear faster, than typing this introductory post, but hey I have to do this because of YOU. *kisses* I  eat a lot but I try to stay healthy (I’ve been a size 8 all my life *Winks*). I buy randomly but I convince myself that it’s worth it. Taking care…

January 15, 2014