I’ve been rocking this protective style: Marley Twists!

August 19, 2014

Hello Ladies,  I got this protective style installed last month (July). I was inspired by this:   So I’ve installed mine and I hope to carry it till September….. I used three packs in all for a long length and fullness (N700 for each pack). I made sure the stylist divided my hair well from back to front same size so thatI won’t lose my front hair. So far, I’ve oiled with a mixture of Almond Oil, Olive…


Growing my eyebrows

August 18, 2014

Hello Beautiful people, How are you??? I hope the ministry is going well…. The eye-brow is a very important part of woman’s look…Some ladies groom them every 2 weeks while some don’t even bother about them. But then at one point as a lady you’ve thought of your brows?! I shave mine with a blade after three weeks but now, I’ve decided to let them grow back again. For a month now,…


Why you should eat paw paw

August 10, 2014

Hello Family, Happy new Month!!! Do you remember that song we use to sing in primary school: “paw-paw is a kind of fruit, paw is a kind of fruit it’s sweet like sugar, coloured like Fanta everybody likes paw paw………. okay okay stop singing and lets come back to the lecture…. ahemm*clears throat, adjusts shirt and skirt, picks up a piece of chalk  and faces the board*….. so class our…


Managing my Ghana weaving style

July 31, 2014

Hello beautiful people. I just want to share with you tips on how I manage my protective style (Ghana braids). My choice of style is Ghana weaving *that’s what we call it* … you know that weaving that you have to give tiny bundle of hair extension every second for a section of the weave to be completed. Many sisters don’t like this kind of hairstyle because: If not properly and carefully done, you’ll…


Friday beauty tips!

July 25, 2014

Hello ladies.. I’ve been literally sleeping on Pinterest these few days and as a beauty lover, I stumbled on some tips I never knew… Now you know that the Sizelle team loves to make you beautiful all round…..so I thought I should share these awesome tips with you. If you’ve not been doing them, you can add them to your facial regimen and if you have, please keep it up…..and please share some beauty…


MAKEUP: Let’s talk eyeliners

July 23, 2014

Eyeliners are a necessary item in a lady’s make-up stash. They complete the whole look and gives shape to the eyes (which are the window of the soul). They are sold everywhere from 150 – 1500 Naira. It was one of the first beauty products I bought. With time and information, I have realized that make-up products have great effect on my skin, and I needed to be careful about the products I use. So…



July 20, 2014

African Naturalista is a well known name in the natural hair world but their products are not restricted to only natural ladies and this is a very big plus to them! Each product is made with natural products in their natural state giving you a good return for your money. I was gifted with this HAIR PACK from African Naturalista and thought I should tell you what I think about…


On the smoothie trail

July 19, 2014

Hello people, today’s post is on smoothies! Tunrie shared her recipe some time ago, so let me share mine as well. My first attempt was Banana and watermelon (including the seeds)….it was filling and I could not finish it because the seeds did not blend properly…*blame it on the blender*. On my next attempt, I decided to still use watermelon and still include the seeds (I just believe that nothing is…


Relaxer day update – Ugomma

June 17, 2014

After my last wash day on Friday, I retouched my roots on Monday. 1. On this relaxer day, I used my trusted Profective Mega Growth super strength Relaxer. Remember my self relaxing experience??? I did not want to try doing it myself again… so I won’t damage my hair and maybe eventually my brain.. lol. So I went to the salon, detangled my hair with my Silk Elements Comb and…


Wash day: Aloe Vera gel for my hair

June 15, 2014

Aloe vera is a common name when we talk about our hair, skin and over all health. It’s said to be a super plant with loads of benefits…In the hair world, many have sworn in the name of Aloe vera and its effectiveness in their regimen. So I tried using the Forever living aloe vera gel for my hair treatment. After my last protective style, my hair became hard and…