How To Choose The Best Relaxer For You

April 29, 2016

Contrary to previous belief, the best relaxer for your hair is not the relaxer that stretches it to the point where it loses all traces of its natural bounce, color and strength. Such relaxers tend to strangle your hair’s soul till your hair begins to hang dull and limp. Certainly your mane deserves to be treated better! The ideal relaxer is the one that gently softens your hair whilst retaining…


Edge Protection 101 – how to protect your edges

April 28, 2016

How important are your hair edges? Well I’d say if you don’t want to be forced to adopt the Japanese Samurai chonmage hairstyle with no trace of hair up to the center of your head and a permanently bound up in a top knot for the rest of your hair, then your edges are pretty important. In case you’re still kinda lost, your hair edges are the fine hair along your…


Meet Tex Queen, Actress Ijeoma Aniebo

April 14, 2016

Our Tex Queen for today is the award-winning actress; Ijeoma Aniebo. You may have seen her on your TV screen for her role in GidiUp or on stage in Lagos Life, London Living and most likely scrolled past her pretty face on Instagram. Either ways, you can see how versatile she is both in her career and personal life. She is not afraid to rock edgy styles and latest beauty…


Great pantry items for your hair!

April 7, 2016

If you are like me, you work smart hard for your money and you feel entitled to spent every dime of it. However, you wish to and you believe that the least you can do is spend this money of yours on quality products for your hair. What if I told you that you could get the same if not more out of your bucks if you looked through your…


Meet Tex Queen, Delphine Okobah

February 19, 2016

Hi Guys, How is it going as per hair resolutions and all? Mine is not going badly. Sometimes I start getting excited about the different things I should do with my hair then I just remember ‘low manipulation’ and keep calm. Lol Anyways, that’s not the topic for today; we are introducing a new series: The Tex Queen which alongside our daily discoveries and conversation on how to grow healthy relaxed…


New ‘hair’ resolutions

January 11, 2016

Hi guys, Congratulations to us! We made it to 2016. This is no mean feat as we are not better than the ones who passed on in the course of 2015. Do you believe in resolutions? If you don’t, I am certain you believe in making plans of some sort. For those who do, while you were making plans for the year, did you include your hair? I usually don’t…


Wash day: first time with texlaxed hair

December 21, 2015

Hi guys, I hope the preparations for this festive season aren’t too daunting? I have decided to take things really chilled this Christmas. I am waiting to see what gifts I get from the office before embarking on any shopping. Smart innit?Today’s post is about my first wash day after texlaxing. My washday routine is pretty much basic: pre-poo, wash, deep condition and rinse out although I try to vary the…


Texlaxed: First time a charm

December 4, 2015

Hi guys, Been a minute. Did anyone try the tea rinse? How did it go? I’d like to know your experience. Recently, I have been contemplating what to do with my hair as I had texturized earlier in the year and was due for a touch-up. I had three options: do nothing (let the breakage continue and gradually transit back to natural hair), texturize or texlax. I have accepted that I’m…


Tea rinses: To love and to love

November 20, 2015

Hello textured ones, How is the hair journey going? Great or great? Lol. Having been through various hair phases and textures, I can say the unifying thing about the quest for healthy tresses is that there’s never a perfect formula, we have to keep trying out and experimenting new products/techniques. It’s like the hair keeps pushing you not to settle till greatness is achieved. Greatness in this case could be…


5 ways to use glycerine on texturised hair

November 4, 2015

Hello beautiful & handsome ones, I don’t know why I usually feel the need to greet men in my post. It’s not like men are particular about hair care and in cases where we have the few that texturize their hair, I doubt they will be checking blogs to learn how to care for hair. I guess they could be looking out for the women in their lives, so hi…