Product Review: SheScentIt Green Tea Coconut Hair Milk

November 18, 2016

Think Cantu Shea Leave-in but with far less fragrance. Win! It’s also paraben, mineral oil, petroleum and phthalates-FREE! Product description: The hair milk instantly transforms dry brittle hair into soft luscious locks. It penetrates each strand to moisturise and hydrate using emollient rich coconut oil and soothing green tea. It makes your kinks and coils softer and more manageable leaving them hydrated and nourished.  Tunrie’s Review: I can say this leave…


Tunrie’s Clarifying Washday Post

November 12, 2016

Hey guys! I finally got around to washing my hair! This is how it went down. Prepoo I started by prepping my hair for the wash by finger-detangling and sectioning into 6 parts. I reached for some carrier oil but I decided against it because my hair had enough oil and gunk from the product buildup I had going on. Cleanse I used Baudelaire Soaps, Loofa Mint Bar Soap to…


What is an oil-based cleanser?

August 29, 2016

Oil-based cleansers are so slept on! Have you ever tried washing off the waterproof mascara or using water-based wipes to take off super-matte lipsticks? Well, next time that happens to you, just add a drop or two of any carrier oil and watch the makeup come off so easily! The main idea behind oil-based cleansers is this – Oil dissolves oil. Cleansing the oil-based way ensures that pores are deeply…


Benefits of SPF in skincare products

August 28, 2016

SPF is an abbreviation for Sun Protection Factor. This refers to the theoretical time duration within which you can be out in the sun without any repercussions. The SPF of a product could range from 15 – 100 so if a product has an SPF 15, that means that if you planned to stay in the sun for an hour, the protection you SPF 15 sunscreen gives you would keep…



August 27, 2016

I first read about this brand from Uzoma’s Don’t Touch the Hair blog, Hairveda is an online company that has been around for a while now, their products are paraben free and so far I have tried their Sitrinillah Deep Conditioner which I love and this whipped creme I’m reviewing now. One thing I’d say is that their fragrance game is so clutch! This product smells divine! I absolutely love…


How to protect the skin from the sun

August 26, 2016

Whether or not we choose to accept it, we all need sunscreens. It is important to consider the health and skin precautions that should be taken when spending extended periods of time in the sun. Think SPF and sunscreen! This sun that’s beating our heads has two types of harmful rays that reach the earth: long wave ultraviolet (UVA) and short wave ultraviolet (UVB). It is advised to protect oneself…


Introduction to Multi-Masking

August 25, 2016

Hello beautiful people! Thanks to the previous posts done on this platform, we’ve pretty much covered ayurvedic clays and their many benefits for the skin and hair!. Just to jog your memory, Ebunite talked about Rhassoul clay here and I talked about multani mitti here. As you can imagine, mud masking is nothing new. If you aren’t on the mud mask wagon, please jump on it FAST! With a multitude…


Quick tips to revive your braids and scalp

July 24, 2016

With my scalp clean, I always feel like I’m walking on sunshine. I’m fairly active and not always preoccupied with my hair but with help, I went from feeling uncomfortable and scheming to take out my braids to feeling light and airy, loving my braids all over again! What changed? The condition of my scalp! How did I do that? Well you’re about to find out and I’d toss in…


Benefits of carbonated water

July 23, 2016

As a young child, I used to wonder why the grown up people around me preferred soda water to regular water or even the good old ‘minerals’. Now I realise that they were on to something! With low levels of pressurized carbon dioxide dissolved into still water, carbonated water is the perfect alternative for those who dislike the regular flat taste of water. Ok… More like a bubbly alternative, other…


Nigerian Beauty Boxes You Should Know

July 22, 2016

I personally love the idea of beauty boxes! They make the process of choosing beauty staples so much easier and affordable. This is definitely for the ladies who would like to explore more products on a budget. I’m here for it, are you? For a quick intro, beauty boxes are ideally monthly subscriptions – you could choose to pay for a month, three months or six at a time depending…