Effective Essential Oils: Benefits, Uses and Where to find them (Part 1)

April 25, 2017

Welcome back to the blog!! It’s been so long. I’m sorry I’ve been caught up with school stuff (finalist) *inserts girl in red dancing emoji*. Let’s talk essential oils! Sometimes might think that it is quite unnecessary to apply oils to our scalps since we have glands which produce sebum however frequent washing strips the hair of its natural coat of oil causing the scalp to become dry, or flaky…


Is Your Hair Breaking? Find Out How To Minimize Breakage!

How Natural Hair Icon Teyonah Parris Learnt To Embrace Her Hair
February 9, 2017

My friends often talk to me about their hair and the first thing they say in the whiniest voice ever is “my hair is breaking and I need it to stop!” Since I hear this a lot, I figured I should write a post about it. The first thing you need to know is that it is impossible to have zero breakage because general hair practices can cause some degree…


Why Protective Styling? Here’s Your Response!

February 8, 2017

Welcome back to the blog! (I should really find a bomb way to say this), Holla Amigo? Don’t worry I’ll find it. So today we’d be talking about a necessity, you know, something every person on any hair journey should be doing … PROTECTIVE STYLING *moonwalks out of the building* just kidding, still here. A protective style can be said to be any hairstyle that protects your hair from an…


5 Platinum Rules for Healthy Hair Care

January 25, 2017

Welcome back to the blog!!! If you have ever seen How I Met Your Mother (season 3 episode 11) , you’d know that there is a rule above the golden rule… yes you heard me, it’s the PLATINUM RULE! I think that all girls wish they had beautiful and healthy hair. Good hair care is essential for healthy and beautiful hair. So I’m about to tell you (whether you want me…


Getting to Know… Jojoba Oil

January 20, 2017

Welcome back to the blog! First things first, how do you pronounce the word “jojoba”? It was quite surprising to realize I didn’t even need the “j” …lol. By the way, it is /hƏ’hoƱbƏ/ – “hoh-hoh-bah” for those of us who paid attention in phonetics or oral English class ever…. lol I did! Okay back to the post!! WHAT IS JOJOBA OIL? Jojoba oil is not actually oil but wax…


Jasmine Oil: My First Essential Oil Experience

January 16, 2017

I have never been an essential oils person, but recently I realized that it is actually beneficial to the hair and scalp, I purchased a couple of them and jasmine oil was my first choice. The fragrance alone caught me from the very moment the package arrived. It had this warm, sweet floral aroma that was actually relaxing and romantic. BENEFITS OF JASMINE ESSENTIAL OIL FOR THE SCALP Jasmine oil…