My top 10 hair products for 2014 {Dr Fomsky}

January 6, 2015

Hello wonderful people. Over the last few days, we have been doing a 2014 review on the blog and this is the last post in that series. I just want to round up by telling you my 10 favourite products in 2014. Shescentit blueberry co-wash conditioner. This gently cleanses my hair, leaving it incredibly soft. 100% pure Argan oil Shescentit curl moist conditioner. Really softens my hair. Pura body naturals…


2014 hair goals reviewed + LESSONS LEARNED {Dr Fomsky}

January 5, 2015

At the beginning of 2014, I had certain goals which I will review below: Goal 1: If my hair thinning doesn’t show any obvious improvement, I will go see a dermatologist. My hair is no longer thinning and I think that the thinning areas are filling in. I believe this is mainly from my regular use of essential oils. Essential oils and hair loss Goal 2: Do a 6-month stretch between relaxer touch…


Hair products I will be repurchasing in 2015 {Dr Fomsky}

January 4, 2015

Lavender Jamaican black castor oil. An oldie but a goodie. I prefer this to the regular plain Jamaican black castor oil because of the additional lavender. Jamaican black castor oil serum with argan oil. Also an oldie but a goodie. 🙂 Lush Cosmetics Caca Noir henna. I have an unpublished post on how I used this and I promise it to publish it in a few days. This replaces my…


Understanding the rationale behind mixing conditioners: a MUST-READ!!!

January 3, 2015

Hi dear people. Last year was a major year of experimenting for me and I tried my hands at mixology. I really really enjoyed the results I got but I have decided to simplify my regimen as much as I can (it’s still a bit long but better I think. Plus, mixing up stuff takes up my time when I can just use an already manufactured conditioner. THIS YEAR, I…


Hair products I am leaving behind in 2014 {Dr Fomsky }

January 3, 2015

Rhassoul clay: It was a nice product to experiment with but I am trying to streamline my regimen and it just doesn’t fit in. PLUS it is extremely hard to rinse out (in my opinion). Ayurvedic powders – brahmi and alma. The same thing I said about rhassoul clay applies to my ayurvedic products. Regular henna: My hair was becoming too red and I don’t have time to do henna…


Hair techniques I tested in 2014 {Dr Fomsky}

January 2, 2015

Blow drying: I enjoyed learning how to blow dry my hair using a method I saw on YouTube by Reniece TV. I will only do this occasionally because it takes me too long. Ain’t nobody got time for long styling!   Flat ironing: I did this once last year and it left my hair feeling smooth. I think I will do this a bit more often this year (with enough protection…


2014 in review {Dr Fomsky} – Battle of the moisturizers part 3 – The winner

December 31, 2014

Hi guys. 2014 has been a year of experimenting for me. Yeah experimenting. When I cut my hair last year, I felt so liberated and was no longer driven to grow my hair long. My main hair goal became healthy looking hair. This year, I have delved my hands in different techniques and products. Over my next few posts, I will be discussing the techniques and products I tried out…


Weight loss journey. A little progress! WEEK 2 {Dr Fomsky – 19/12/2014}

December 19, 2014

Hi guys. Just a quick update on my weight loss journey. Last week’s weight: 73.6 kg This week’s weight: 72.9 kg Goal weight: 65 kg Current waist circumference: 35 inches Goal waist circumference: 29 inches I worked out 4 days this week and I’ve been doing all sorts of exercises to prevent boredom: Jillian Michaels & Taebo DVDs. On YouTube: Kaeira Lashae, Popsugar fitness and Fitness blender. I have also been…


Weight loss journey. Starting all over. WEEK 1 {Dr Fomsky – 12/12/2014}

December 12, 2014

I have fallen off my weight loss journey many times this year for several reasons: hurting my foot, then having some funny lower abdominal pain (which has gone now), laziness 🙂 , etc. Anyways, I’m back at it and hopefully, I will stay on track. My weight today – 73.6kg (My lowest weight this year was 71 kg). My goal weight – 65 kg (a big dream but let’s see…


Wash day 29th November 2014 – coffee rinse

December 5, 2014

Hi people. So, I’m back with a wash day post. Sorry, it’s coming quite late….I have been so busy… The only thing that changed on this wash day was that I did my tea rinse (actually used coffee as the base) before cleansing. 1. Overnight prepoo with coconut oil.  Moisturized my hair first. 2. Tea rinse (ginger + rosemary + chamomile + coffee). 3. Cleansed with Shescentit blueberrry co-wash conditoner….