Am I the wicked servant? On healthy hair practices

When I get introspective, I tend to be quite critical of myself.

This time I was meditating on the parable of the three servants (Matt 25:14-30), we’ve all probably read or heard sermons about this part of the Scripture a 101 times. I somehow took a thinking detour and applied this parable to my hair. I have been natural now for about 3 years abi is it 2? And it occurred to me that I haven’t necessarily been a good servant with my hair.

I think of the amount of hair I shed with some take-downs and they are prove that I haven’t been a good servant with my hair. I see how dry and ragged my ends looks and they confirm that I haven’t been a good servant with my hair.

Well, here are a few things I’d be doing to turn a new leaf:

  • Moisture, moisture, moisture
  • Patience when detangling: I know I’ve mentioned this numerous times but I’m afraid I haven’t been practising what I preached consistently.
  • Deep condition: My busy schedule makes a perfect excuse for all my hair blunders but I am determined to do things differently now.
  • Trim: When I see the bouquet of single strand knots on my ends, I tend to be slightly dramatic so I get discouraged, oh well, I guess I’d have to be more consistent with oiling my strands and trimming.

This draft has been stewing for a while now and I’m glad to say I have been kinder to my hair. Consistently moisturising, patiently washing and the likes. Hopefully, this could translate into other aspects of my life and I can cultivate and fertilize fruitful friendships and relationships as well.

  • That’s it from me, what do you think? Have you been a faithful servant? if so, teach me!!
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