Air Drying Your Hair; What You Need to Know

Welcome back to the blog! (Still haven’t located that cool welcome). Today’s post is on air drying. Weird story – while I was writing this post, I had a conversation with a friend and she wanted to know how she could air dry her hair properly without it becoming frizzy, too dry or poofy?

Air drying generally means to leave something in an open area so that the atmosphere surrounding will cause the liquid to evaporate. Air drying means allowing your hair to dry naturally after your washday i.e. without the aid of blow dryers etc.


• Air drying helps to retain internal moisture so that your hair retains its elasticity and softness.
• If you’ve read my post on “platinum rules for hair care”, you must have seen that direct heat from blow dryers dry hair very quickly (how is that even a bad thing?) and aggressively. This can damage your hair’s outer layers. On the other hand, air drying can lead to a stronger, thicker and healthier looking hair especially at the ends.


• It could lead to tangled and rough hair if not done properly.
• Air dried hair usually looks poofy and frizzy if not done properly.
• It takes longer to dry.


• After rinsing out my deep conditioner, I wrap my hair in a cotton tee-shirt for a few minutes to absorb water.
• I detangle my hair in sections and apply my leave in conditioner (focus on my ends). This is usually the time where I comb with a wide toothed comb because my hair is slightly damp and fragile.
• I use a few drops of my sealant (e.g. olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil etc) and smooth it over my hair especially the ends. This helps my hair look smooth and feel soft.
• My hair is relaxed so I put it in a ponytail; it is my way of keeping my hair confined and tamed after it gets dry.

I started air drying my hair before I even learnt about its benefits and this has really helped with my hair journey.

Try it and let me know what you think about it.
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