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My name is Dr Fomsky. I am a medical doctor, wife and mom. I started a hair and fitness blog in January 2011 called THE SIZZLING MOMMY BLOG. After reading reviews and experiences about certain hair products, I went out to shops here in Nigeria looking for them. Alas, they were nowhere to be found! I decided to start ordering them for personal use. When my blog readers asked me about the products I often talked about in my blog posts, I decided to start bringing in these products for my readers.

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That was the beginning of Sizzelle! Today, we are an online health & beauty business providing you with:

  1. Pertinent information & knowledge about fitness & beauty concerns and trends.  .
  2. Authentic international product brands
  3. Effective products with good reviews
  4. Excellent customer service

We’ll help put sizzle SIZZELLE back into your hair, skin and body!! Starting August 1st, 2013, we added on more writers to our blog!

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