A simple guide to making a hair spritz

A hair spritz is possibly the most important product after the conditioner and I’m not kidding. This is because you have total control over the ingredients that go into it. You can determine the ingredients because you’re aware of what works or doesn’t work for your hair. Unlike regular ready-made products which is often always a trial and error process.

Anyways, for those clueless about hair spritz or used to the basic hair spritz of glycerine and water, it’s time to step it up a notch.

1. Start with a base. This is usually in the form of water. Water is the ultimate moisturizer but there are times when it doesn’t just cut it. You have the option of choosing aloe vera juice.

2. Next is leave-in conditioner. The goal is to add moisture-intensive ingredients to give it that extra boost. Yes, water or even aloe vera juice is great but your hair needs more than just that. Remember, we’re trying to be less basic.

3. Add your oils. This is where it gets tricky. By now, you should know which oils work for hair and by that I mean – penetrate your hair shaft – and which oils just sit on your hair. Our goal isn’t to create build-up but for all these products to penetrate the hair shaft hence moisturising and hydrating it in the process.

4. Essential oils are also important. If you suffer from any minor hair issue, this is the time to address it with essential oils. Read up on the best type of essential oil for that particular ailment before adding it to your hair spritz. If you don’t suffer from any one, you could use the general essential oils to jazz it up.

Don’t forget to add all these in a clean spray bottle and shake before each use.

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