8 Times Lade of Rehairducation’s Relaxed Hair Was All The Education We Needed

Thank you Tolu, I officially cannot get over Lade’s hair.

After deciding to enter the world of texlaxed/relaxed hair ladies just to feed my eyes and also cater to that section of our audience, one of our commenters Tolu suggested Lade of Rehairducation. Of course, I went straight up to check her out and I was amazed by what I saw.

Quick background knowledge – Lade is a fully fledged Nigerian. Born and well, partially bred. She has been on a healthy relaxed hair journey since October 2009 and hasn’t looked backed since then. She actually started by creating a wig-based regimen which she still follows to date and the rest they say is history. Just like the rest of us, she decide to start a blog to pass on the knowledge. You can read more here.

Now, are you ready to feast your eyes? Don’t say I didn’t warn you!



  1. 1. That time her bun was more than my entire head of hair!


2. Why choose one bun when you have two?


3. Have you ever had Bantu knot goals? Now I do!


4. JUST LOOK AT!! Waist length people!


5. Naija hair can grow!


6. Yagaa! Goals anyone?

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At arms lenght😊

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7. Surprise, Surprise! Relaxed hair can actually be healthy!


8. Weave who?


Now, this all looks very rosy. Heck! even I am squealing whilst typing this. But the question is ARE YOU READY TO PUT IN THE WORK? If you’re not, then you can continue oohing and aahing. But if you are, head over to Lade’s blog asap!

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