5 Foods I’ve Used On My Natural Hair

Every healthy hair journey includes the product junkie phase. I mean, it’s inevitable. When you finally decide to take your hair more seriously, you need good products to use. But before you find your holy grail products, you might have to go through a series of trial and error. Or if you’re anything like me, you might look to find useful things around you. Starting from your kitchen for instance.

In my case, it wasn’t really different. Before I got to really understand products and ingredients, I dived into the world of DIY – basically just mixing things until I could figure out which products to buy. Of course, they were all perfectly safe so I wasn’t worried or anything. Along the way, I incorporated clays and Ayurvedic powders as I later found out that they were even better for my hair than many commercial products.

So, here are six foods I’ve used on my natural hair.


This was my very first deep conditioner. I didn’t know whether it was a protein or moisture intensive treatment, all I knew was that my hair was soft. So, I used it until I couldn’t stand it anymore. Usually, I applied generous amounts on my hair and covered it with a shower cap. When I rinsed out, I was satisfied with my hair.


I think I used eggs just once because it was such a messy job. Many 4C (hair type) naturals swear by it but because my hair is naturally soft, I did not have any reason to use it often. Instead, I use henna every six weeks to strengthen my strands. That serves as a protein treatment and an excellent replacement for eggs.


I did an avocado mask just once and I didn’t do it again. For some reasons, I didn’t think it was that fantastic, it left my hair really hard because of the addition of coconut milk. I should have tried it again but I haven’t. Maybe, I will someday.

Yogurt/Coconut milk

I also used yogurt and coconut milk a few times and I couldn’t for the life of me go back to them. It just wasn’t as convenient as I would have loved it to be. It was even more stressful because I had to exhaust them. So, I found myself using them repeatedly over a period of time. Of course, I got tired fast.

Palm Oil

The first and last time I used palm oil were also at the beginning of my hair journey. It was such a messy job that I never used it again after then. Funny enough, palm oil is packed with lots of nutrients that beneficial for our hair. So, maybe I might still try it again with henna or something. Something strong and thick enough to absorb its intensity. In the meantime, I’ve been using Palm Kernel Oil.

This is not to downplay the efficacy of these products. I strongly advise newbies to go the DIY route as it saves a lot of time and money. Over time, you would get a hang of it and become more knowledgeable so you could easily pick good products.

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