7 Times Eze Onwugbenu Schooled Us On Health And Wellness

The first time I encountered Eze was during one the previous Naturals In The City meetups. But because I was manning the registration stand, I couldn’t fully enjoy his session. I had to rely on live-tweets and Instagram videos. I remember he spoke on Nutrition and how to differentiate between ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ products. You see, this is why you should attend meet-ups. It is evolving and is more than just hair.

Anyway, Eze is a Natural Health Entrepreneur, Biomedical Researcher and Nutritional Counselor. (He’s legit.)

So, he’s not a wannabe or a pseudo-expert. He’s the real deal. After that day, he was forced to open an Instagram page and share his wealth of knowledge with enthusiasts like us. Us being those of you that are passionate and interested in switching to that organic lifestyle.

After following him for a while now, I noticed that he wasn’t selling us what the media and our mothers had sold to us over the years – in terms of nutrition and lifestyle – he was actually taking some of these myths, debunking them and serving us the truth plain and simple. At the same, he teaches some vitals things we need to know about health and wellness.

You might ask, why would I believe him? Duhh?? Have you seen his bio? Plus, as long as Natural Nigerian can vouch for him, I believe every word he posts.

Here are seven times he has schooled me in Natural Health.

You might learn a thing or seven!

1. That time he said drinking raw eggs is great for fertility! Say what now???


2. That time he called out supplements for what they actually are – SCAM! – and went on to explain.


3. That other time he taught how to drink hot water and lose weight!

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A simple technique for effortless weight loss and body purification is to only drink hot water (you can supercharge it by adding a dash of lemon or lime). And please do not microwave water. Let's look at a few of the immense health benefits: *breaks down old deposits in the intestines *relieves constipation, bloating, and indigestion *breaks down cellulite *relieves menstrual pain and cramps *boosts metabolism and increases fat burning *relieves joint and back pain *improves blood circulation *improves liver and kidney function *improves skin texture and elasticity (i.e. reverses aging) *relieves colds, cough, and sinus congestion *induces deep, restful sleep *boosts immune function #healthtips #hotwater #detox #naturalhealing #ancestralwisdom

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4. That time he schooled us on the causes of miscarriages! I bet you didn’t know!

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Why are miscarriages more prevalent in this generation than ever before? It has to do with how modern life affects the dynamics of feto-maternal trafficking (FMT). FMT is the two-way exchange of substances between woman and fetus. The woman provides nutrient. The fetus provides a steady stream of stem cells that promote healing in the woman. So, pregnancy is symbiotic. The creation of new life supports the regeneration of existing life. This is Nature's way. But it gets deeper. Pregnancy is also a process of bodily purification. The woman transfers a lifetime of accumulated toxic exposures to the fetus. And herein lies the problem. The fetus can only absorb so much toxicity and remain viable. Once it exceeds a threshold, the body recognizes this and terminates it. It often takes multiple miscarriages for a modern woman to reduce her overall toxic load to a manageable level. In ancestral cultures, young women underwent a special feeding period before attempting to conceive. This diet consisted of varied nutrient dense animal products: fish eggs, shellfish, organ meats, etc. Modern society has forgotten this essential practice. The exceeding toxicity of modern life suggests the need for a special detox period prior to attempting to conceive. Nutrition and detoxification are the sure foundations of healthy pregnancy. #miscarriage #miscarriageawareness #ancestralwisdom #detox

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5. The ultimate – how to shrink and dissolve fibroids!


6. He taught us how to curb our sugar cravings.


7. He also gave us a simple diet plan.


There’s only so much I can post. Head over to this Instagram page and get educated!

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