7 Makeup Lessons I Learnt The Hard Way

Makeup and I have come a long way since my teenage years when I had to go behind my mother’s back to use lip gloss. Now, I just need to be good enough for a decent facebeat so I don’t have to hire a makeup artist every time I have an event.

In the last couple of months, I’ve made conscious efforts to up my makeup game. I’ve had to set aside a budget. I’ve also had to watch tons of videos just to get the techniques right. Still, I’m nowhere close. Regardless, I have faith. Practice makes perfect and all of that makeup and data cannot go to waste so I have to keep trying.

It’s mostly been an expensive game of trials and errors just to find that exact combination that does the magic. I’m still searching and when I do, I’ll share with you.

Anyways. today I’ve decided to compile some of the lessons I’ve learnt the hard way. This is because I did not have any form of guidance but just went according to my research.

But I’m hoping this would help someone or two.


So, let’s get right into it.

  • – Buy makeup according to your skin type
  • This is like the golden rule I’ve had to learn the hard way. As a result of this, I have products that are wrong for my skin type. So, I’ve hard to find a way around it. Just recently, I had to give out my mineralizing primers because they were pretty much useless. Now, I have to get a hydrating primer. But if I cannot afford it at the moment, I have to improvise with an after shave balm for instance.
  • Don’t be heavy-handed with products and apply gently.
  • I’m a major culprit of this and as a result my makeup never comes out flawless. So, I’ve started making conscious efforts to fix this and apply gently.
  • Your tools matters.
  • I used to be that one that buys cheap makeup until I learnt that cheap is not always good quality. Now, I have to replace all of them with better ones which aren’t always cheap.
  • Makeup is expensive so plan for it.

The day you decide to start buying makeup is the day you begin to plan or as the case may be save for it. I’ve learnt that the best way to avoiding running into debt is to work within the budget. If you fancy something and can’t afford it at the moment, save up for it.

  • Watch lots of videos and learn the right techniques.
  • This point cannot be overemphasized. All of the things I know at the moment is as a result of the videos I watched. They helped a lot. The only challenge is finding someone with your face shape and skin type.
  • Makeup is a skill. You might not get it after a few trials. It takes a while to be perfected except you’re a makeup ninja.
  • This is my consolation. I figured if I give it more time, I would get to my goal.
  • A cult product might not work for you.
  • As a result of watching so many videos, you would get overwhelmed with tons of products especially cult products. Don’t fret! They might not all work for you. What you should do is to check for reviews from people with similar skin types. That way, you know where or not to purchase. Better still, if you know someone has the product, test it first before purchasing. That would save you a ton of money.

I hope some of these lessons will help you when making your next purchase.

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