6 Not-So-Secret Skin Care Tips You Can Apply

The harmful rays of the sun. An ever-changing climate. Harsh cosmetics. …..A plethora of factors that can very likely ruin the elasticity, softness and texture of the skin are fairly ubiquitous.

Here’s a quick guide for you to achieving that radiant and glowing complexion all year long.

1. Get enough sleep.
Get your beauty sleep and look luminous first thing in the morning. The cells in the body tend to regenerate while you’re in repose. With this, make sure to catch some Z’s for at least seven or eight hours a night to reap its benefits. Getting enough sleep provides the best result that no beauty product can offer.

2. Slather a substantial amount of moisturiser.
Always make it a habit to moisturise right after cleansing and toning. Use gentle pressure and massage your skin in a circular motion while applying moisturiser. Doing so enhances the skin’s circulation and helps lock in more moisture.

3. Wear sunscreen – ALWAYS.
Never leave the house without any protection against the sun. Slather a good amount of lotion containing at least SPF 15 for maximum protection against the sun exposure. Doing so also prevents from getting sunburn, wrinkles and more importantly, skin cancer.

4. Have sex.
Getting busy in the bedroom has a great benefit in improving the skin, too! Doing the “deed” releases some feel-good hormones called endorphins. These hormones alleviate stress level and as a result lead to a more glowing complexion all over. Talk about an excuse to make out every day, right?

5. Eat some chocolates – DARK CHOCOLATES.
Some people believe that this delicious treat can cause acne breakouts. On the contrary, there’s actually no scientific evidence to prove that. So, go ahead and grab a handful! Not only do they contain antioxidant properties but they also releases a great dose of serotonin (another feel-good hormone). No wonder why you feel happy after grabbing a bite!!!


6. Get moving.
Working out daily doesn’t only contribute to getting into great shape but also promotes the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to your skin. You don’t have to worry about running to the gym every day: you can easily perform it at home. Play on some Keisha or Pitbull; turn up the volume and bust a move! Sooner or later, your skin will thank you in the form of a wow-worthy complexion.

Taking good care of your skin at all times should be of top priority. Doing so not only promotes the body’s first line of defence but also graces the pulchritude in you.

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