6 must-have oils for every naturalista.

With the plethora of oil available, it’s very easy to get carried away. After much consideration you’ll find out that most of these oils have similar benefits so, at the end of the day, it’s just better to streamline them accordingly.

I’ve complied five oils which are probably the most popular and effective for anyone with natural hair. I also understand that folks react differently to oils – you’ll be surprised – but this is a general consensus.

1. Coconut OilThis is probably the holy grail of oils as it’s used for a gazillion and one things but most importantly, it is great for improving the condition of the strands, retaining moisture and giving shine.

2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil EVOO and EVCO are like two peas in a pod but the former prides itself in its super absorption qualities which enables it to properly lock in moisture, restore shine and of course, fight frizz and reduce split ends.

3. Avocado Oil Ridiculously lightweight and almost odorless, avocado oil has softening and strengthening qualities as well as moisture retention benefits. It’s particularly great for natural hair because it penetrates the hair without leaving a greasy feel as is the case when using other oils.

4. Sweet Almond Oil Enriched with fatty acids and protein, sweet almond oil is also a lightweight oil that helps to retain moisture, smooth cuticles and increase strength.

5. Castor OilThis oil is particularly efficient in restoring hair loss and aiding hair growth.

6. Argan Oilis popularly known for increasing, improving and restoring hair shine but also serves as a heat protectant and a catalyst for hair growth.

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