5 ways to use glycerine on texturised hair

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Source: http://brightorganics.com.au/
Source: http://brightorganics.com.au/

I don’t know why I usually feel the need to greet men in my post. It’s not like men are particular about hair care and in cases where we have the few that texturize their hair, I doubt they will be checking blogs to learn how to care for hair. I guess they could be looking out for the women in their lives, so hi to the men again.

Today we will be sharing on the awesomeness of a seemingly small but powerful product – Glycerine. Did you know that there are natural and synthetic sources of glycerine? Well, I didn’t – till recently. I usually just buy the cheapest any brand from a grocery store or pharmacy thinking they are all packed with wonders. I found out that the synthetic ones could turn out to be carcinogenic so please check the label to see if it is a natural or multi-ingredient based product and if it is not indicated, it might be best to take a walk and search for the sincere brands.

Glycerine is an odourless, colourless, highly water-soluble alcohol. It is insoluble in oil but able to dissolve many oils and has been found to be an effective moisturizer for skin and hair. Its ability to repair and regenerate skin cells is equally remarkable.  It is important to dilute the glycerine before use as using it in the concentrated form could strip moisture from the hair.

That been said, let’s discuss various ways we can harness the benefits of glycerine:

  1. Hair spritz. My number one use for glycerine is to mix in equal parts with water and oil as a hair spritz. I find this really helpful when my hair is in braids, it helps to keep the roots moisturized and prevent breakage.
  2. Hair conditioner. I usually add it to my deep conditioning routine especially when I am using a protein based conditioner. Glycerin helps to add much-needed moisture to the mix and I find my hair doesn’t feel too strong afterwards.
  3. Hair rinse. After washing and conditioning hair, you can add some glycerine to water to use as a hair rinse and do not need to rinse out afterwards. It will help to keep your hair hydrated.
  4. Anti-dandruff. If you are battling with dandruff, you can use glycerine regularly to combat dry, flaky scalp and eventually eliminate dandruff from your hair.
  5. Hair Styling. If you are trying to maintain curls, you can some glycerine to your styling products for effective curl definition. Now I have personally not tried this as I never rarely style my hair. If you do try it out, please share your experience. The comment box is all yours.

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