5 other tools you might need for your natural hair

I know we all probably have our staple tools – the hair clamps, shower caps and whatnot but some of us still have one or two extra tools that make managing natural hair a cakewalk. The best thing about some of these tools is that they can be found in our pantries. No need buying special ones for your natural hair. Well, except if you’re like me.

1. Cling film
Before I got my thermal cap, my cling film did all of the magic especially during henna treatments. Its ability to completely seal up my hair even without the need for a shower cap is what makes it an essential tool in my stash.

2. Applicator brush
To be honest, I got this a while ago but never got around to using it again after a couple of times. It just wasn’t as convenient as using my hands. In the meantime, I use it to apply my turmeric face mask which stains like hell!

3. Rubber gloves
These are not necessarily important if you don’t mind having coloured (read orange) hands after henna treatments.

4. Soft bristle brush
Most people prefer to use old toothbrushes in place of a soft bristle brush. But I noticed that this is more convenient as you have better control of your edges.

5. Applicator bottle
It’s amazing, heck disappointing how many naturals do not see the need for an applicator bottle. Mahn, you have no need idea how far this can go in helping you remember to oil and massage your scalp everyday. I mean, the sight of the bottle alone is enough motivation.

6. Thermal Cap
These are essential if you can’t really afford to get a steamer, this essential cap can change the entire hair-care game regarding deep conditioning and hot oil treatments. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

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