5 Things We Can Learn From Lepacious Bose’s Weight Loss Journey



A few months ago, commedienne Lepacious Bose shocked the Nigerian internet with stunning photos of her incredible weight loss journey and since then she hasn’t stopped talking about it.

She has become a source of inspiration to overweight women and men alike that nothing is impossible if you put in the work.

Lepacious Bose went from 190kg to 111kg, size 32 to 18 and she hasn’t stopped. Every now and then, she shares words of encouragement to those in a similar position and who also desire to embark on a weight loss journey.



Here are five things we have learnt from the comedienne herself.

  • 1. Beware of the perfectionism trap – aim to eat sensibly most of the time not all the time. Don’t live under a self-imposed dictatorship.We all eat more than we should of the wrong kind of stuff now and then. Think of your weight as something that (once you’ve reached a healthy weight) can go up and down to some extent.
  • 2. Have a ‘sliding scale’ of your target weight. Everyone’s weight fluctuates a bit and you should prepare for this. No one can live for long under a self-imposed harsh dictatorship. The whole idea is to enjoy the journey because it’s the journey of a lifetime. Change what ‘treats’ mean to you.
  • 3. Write down five treats that don’t involve enhancing fat or sugar. Whether the treat is calling a friend, going for a walk, or even having a cup of special tea or coffee, we can all reward and comfort ourselves. It’s how we do it that counts. Weight loss is not a cure-all.
  • 4. Don’t expect weight loss to cure-all of life’s problems. Sure you’ll be healthier, fitter and so on, and that will have positive and maybe unexpected positive ripple effects but, as a slimmer person, you’ll still have a bad day in the office, moments of self-doubt, times when you feel undervalued.
  • 5.  On a weight-loss journey you have to make up your mind to fight everyday, fight for what you want, fight for where you are going, fight for how you want to look. Ignore the negative voices and maintain your focus after all it’s your life not theirs….
  • Still celebrating my 111kg it’s been a looooong walk and I just wanna keep walking.


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