5 Reasons Why You Should Attend A Hair Meet up

For the past couple of years now, I’ve been attending meet-ups. Although, more than half the time, I’m working – volunteering so I never really get to enjoy the actual benefits of the meet-ups. Notwithstanding, I try to go early enough – just about the time the vendors arrive – so I can get everything I need before the attendees troop in.

Natural Nigerian as well as other emerging brands have put together regular meet-ups to basically just educate people and put the word out there that having a healthy hair journey is absolutely possible.

Anyways, for those of you who aren’t fully convinced of the benefits of meet-ups, I’m here to fix that. Here are five reasons you should consider attending the next meet-up.

  • 1. To bond with kindred spirits.
  • For naturalistas, meet-ups are possibly the only avenue we get to bond and network over hair and sometimes, food. Granted, the awareness isn’t mainstream yet so we still have a lot of work to do. But during meet-ups, we throw all of that out of the window for a couple of hours and just have good ol’fun. Funny enough, all of the new friends I’ve made in recent times have been as a result of the quarterly meet-ups I attend. So, if you’re looking to bond with kindred spirits, meet-ups are a good place to start.


  • 2. To save delivery charges on products.
  • I can’t be the only one who gets upset over the ridiculous delivery charges of some brands. Usually, I stay clear of those brands except they come as vendors during meet-ups. That’s the only time I get to patronize them without worrying about the delivery, the condition of the products and other trivial matters. You get real-time feedback. You also get to compare products with others before or after purchase.


  • 3. Real-time information and assistance.
  • If you have any hair issues and need information or assistance, meet-ups are the best way to get them. The first time I heard that my hair was 4a rather than 4c was from a trichologist at a meet-up. I had absolutely no idea. All I knew was my hair wasn’t like most people. Then came Natmane to squash all my fears. She also gave me some insight into my hair type and confirmed some of the challenges I face. That was possibly my favorite meet-up so far especially since I had to work all through. That information at the last-minute went a long way.


  • 4. Product samples and giveaways.

During one of our previous meet-ups, there was a section for product swap. The idea was to bring any product you weren’t feeling anymore and swap it something else you might like. Of course, it had to be used halfway and also be in decent condition. Meet-ups are also an opportunity to get product samples which some of the vendors like to give out and also to win giveaways. Who doesn’t like freebies?

  • 5. Workshops and styling sessions.

The biggest challenge most people have is styling their hair. Meet-ups are a good way to start. Usually, there are styling sessions where hair stylists on ground make demonstrations. Again, there’s nothing like a real-time styling sessions especially since a lot of our Nigerian salons aren’t knowledgeable beyond the status quo. Also, workshops are a great way to learn new things e.g how to eat right for a healthy hair, what products to avoid and whatnot.

Bottom line, not every time YouTube, sometimes, meet-ups.

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