5 Reasons Why Almond Oil Should Be In Your Skincare Routine.



One of the most commonly used oils in skin care and cosmetics generally is almond oil. It originates from almond nuts which includes a combination of two essential fatty acids that help to produce healthy and supple skin. Almonds are also packed with antioxidants including Proteins, Vitamin B & E. Apart from the various nutritional benefits when ingested, the topical application of almond oil also offers a whole lot for skin and hair care.

Almond oil should be incorporated into your skin care routine for the following reasons;

1. It has emollient properties.
Almond oil is one of those few oils that are non-greasy and are easily absorbed into the skin thus preserving and locking in moisture. It’s also great for massages as it restores the standard pH level of the skin.

2. It’s a major supply of Vitamin E
Alpha-tocopherol, a major source of Vitamin E, also known as a skin food is an abundant substance in almonds.

3. It’s perfect as a facial moisturizer.
Given the fact that it’s super-absorbent, it’s great for a moisturizer as it not only softens rough or dry skin, it also creates a protective layer around the face. It also helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

4. It acts as a sun protection
Almond oil helps to reverse damages brought by sun exposure which causes sunburns and skin cancer.

5. It helps in removing dark circles
One of the properties of almond oil is its gentle lightening abilities which make it popular among those that treat acne, fade scars and any other unflattering marks.

I recently bought myself a bottle of almond oil in my last haul solely for my hair. I didn’t realize how valuable it is for my skin too until I read it up. Well, let’s just say it has become part of my (night) routine mostly because it is light weight, super-absorbent and non-greasy.

You should get yourself one too!

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