5 Platinum Rules for Healthy Hair Care

Welcome back to the blog!!! If you have ever seen How I Met Your Mother (season 3 episode 11) , you’d know that there is a rule above the golden rule… yes you heard me, it’s the PLATINUM RULE! I think that all girls wish they had beautiful and healthy hair. Good hair care is essential for healthy and beautiful hair. So I’m about to tell you (whether you want me to or not) the rules I live by when it comes to caring for my hair.


Keeping a clean hair is important to getting healthy hair. I’m not asking you to wash your hair every day but at least once in a week especially if you carry around your natural hair.
Invest in a good sulfate-free shampoo.
The more the shampoo, the cleaner the hair? NOOOOO!! It dries out the scalp.
Quick shampoo tip: shampoo your scalp, massage it in there. While rinsing, the shampoo will cleanse your hair shafts. You don’t want to scrub the ends of your hair.
Save your old shirts (this is the dramatic part lol) that cotton tee shirt you don’t wear anymore because you don’t like the fit, is gentler on your hair than the fancy towel you just bought specially for your wash days.


Scalp massages are essential whether you are washing your hair or oil massages. Shampoo your scalp not your ends. Scalp massages encourage blood circulation in the scalp which stimulates hair growth and detoxifies the scalp.


When combing your hair while it is wet or dry, focus on the ends first then work your way gently to the roots. Starting at the bottom allows you to detangle the ends, which are more prone to getting tangled so there’s less breakage. When your hair is wet, it is more fragile and as such use a wide-tooth comb to smooth out your hair when it is wet.

Keep your combs and brushes clean.


Speaking of heat? Hot water is really comfortable but it is bad for the hair (and skin). Using hot water will dry out the scalp and hair and can cause breakage. You should totally cut back on the heated tools (blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, electric irons – We’ve tried it before except I’m the weird one then never mind) or use lower temperature and if you have to use these tools, try not to use it so often and be sure to use a heat protectant like coconut oil.


Before you go on a hair journey, it is important to know your hair type so you pick products and indulge in practices most suitable for your hair type. On any hair journey it is also important to listen to your hair what works for me might not work for you, so don’t be afraid of trial and error. (and don’t give up) but regardless of your hair type, buy products that will be gentle on your hair.
These are the basic rules to help care for hair regardless of the type in order to achieve beautiful and healthy hair . Don’t forget to eat healthy and use castor oil (that is the magic), and moisturize your hair (dry hair breaks a lot). These hair care tips are sure to transform your hair for the better so you should start incorporating them today.
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