4 Natural Health Stores In Lagos

So many natural health stores are currently springing up in Lagos and I’m here for it. This shows that the awareness is gradually getting to the right people and action is being taken. This is a welcome idea and we are embracing it with both hands. Let it not be said that we were left hanging so I’ve put together a list of some of the natural health stores in Lagos at the moment.

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1. Fig Health Store.

Natural Health Stores in Nigeria


Fig Health Store is a wholesale and retail organic products outfit, established for the distribution and retailing of locally manufactured and imported organic products, as well as the provision of free consultation and counselling for customers by well-trained professionals. They have a wide range and variety of products including; heathy organic food, drinks, skin care / hair products and household cleaning items. Their vision is to become Nigeria’s Landmark organic store with a nationwide reputation for professionalism, innovation and quality products.


2. A New Earth Lagos

Natural Health Stores

A New Earth offers a complete range of organic food, ranging from basic grains, to special diets, and gluten-free or vegan baby foods and products.


3. So Fresh Neighbourhood Market

Natural Health Stores

So Fresh is Nigeria’s number one premium healthy food brand, that provides fresh, good, clean nutrition and promotes a healthy lifestyle. They believe food should be fresh, wholesome, and close to nature as much as possible.


4. Organic Shoppe

Natural Health Store in Lags

Organic Shoppe helps organizations, big and small, specifically from the organic, natural products industry to reach out to the ever-increasing online health-conscious consumers through their dedicated marketplace for Nigeria. They work directly with small-scale farmers, knowing fully that Africa is blessed with rich Organic seeds and herbs which can be used for beauty and healing purposes. Organic Shoppe showcases the largest catalogue of ‘just organic & natural’ products in Nigeria

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