4 natural hair practices I live by

Hello everyone!

There’s a myriad of information out there and it’s necessary to filter and pick out what suits you. Over time, it becomes a series of trials and errors to find what works efficiently for you. That’s why I’m sharing four practices that have successfully worked for me.

1. Co-washing in braids, twists and any other protective style.
I’m addicted to co-washing my hair and styles doesn’t hinder me. I’m more concerned about adding moisture than the outcome/definition of the style. Overtime, this habit has proved worthwhile as it spares me about two days of moisturizing.

2. Deep conditioning first on wash days.
I hardly ever prepoo because I don’t believe it does anything special to my hair. And that’s just me. I’d rather go through the whole thing at a stretch without waltzing in and out of the bathroom. As a result of the co-washing, my hair’s barely dirty so I just deep condition first on wash days and co-wash afterwards. Plus it saves time and there’s really no difference between deep conditioning on wet or dry hair.

3. Finger detangling.
At the beginning of my natural hair journey, I didn’t even know what it meant to detangle. All I knew was that I had a morbid fear of combs and I stayed away from them. I ended up using my fingers for everything – from detangling to styling and it just stuck. Even though I still use a soft bristle brush for my edges, combing my hair is usually a last resort.

4. Moisturising with water first before any other product.
I’m one of those people who don’t believe in using leave-ins or moisturizers alone. When moisturizing my hair on ‘non-wash’ days, I use water in a spray bottle first. I follow up by sealing with a light butter or oil. Water just feels safe as I can moisturize multiple times without worrying about build-up.

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