3 new herbs for my hair routine

Herbal infusions are my new obsessions.

Ever since I discovered them, my head has been agog with all of the possible infusions I can incorporate into my general routine. So, as usual, after a bit of research, I rushed to my local store to buy a few. I knew I had seen Rosemary somewhere so I looked specifically for that.

Infusions are basically the process of extracting chemical compounds and flavours from plants i.e dried herbs, leaves, stems and flowers. In order to make an infusion, you need a solvent which can either be water, oil or vinegar.

So, I got three – Rosemary, Sage and Basil. I didn’t want to buy too many at a time. But when I got home, I realised that I had Chamomile and Peppermint. I was over the moon.

Why did I picked those three herbs?

1. Sage
Sage actually has many healing qualities. The word, “sage” is  derived from the Latin word, “salvia” which means “to save”. It contains vitamins B and C, as well as magnesium, zinc, and potassium, all of which improve the growth and strength of hair. It is also antibiotic, anti-allergic, and anti-septic which makes it ideal for healing skin ailments that may stunt hair growth.

2. Rosemary
Rosemary is one of those popular herbs because it’s easy to grow in most climates. It is vitamin-rich, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, and by far one of the most effective herbs for scalp health and hair growth.

3. Basil
Basil is an underrated plant that is rich in magnesium which is essential for hundreds of chemical processes within the human body. When used as a herbal rinse, it acts as an anti-inflammatory, strengthens hair against breakage, and improves circulation in the hair follicles which helps to stimulate growth.

I literally cannot wait to start making infusions. I have so many recipes in my head already. Of course, I will be sharing them subsequently.

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