My 2015 Natural Hair Regimen {eBunite}


Inspired by the series of regimen posts by Doctor Fomsky, I’ve also decided to share my hair regimen – which I’ve tweaked a bit – for the year.

– I’ve decided chemically dye my ends in a couple of weeks. More on that subsequently.

– Protective styling with extensions.

– Henna treatments
– Ghee DC.
– ACV rinse bi-monthly.

– Deep Condition
– Co-wash bi-weekly.
– Black/Green/Hibiscus tea rinse
– Oil Rinsing
– LOC moisturizing method.

– Moisturize and seal.
– Sleep with satin bonnet.

Now that I look at it, I especially love the simplicity of the regimen which – to a large extent – explains its effectiveness.

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