2015 hair goals! {Dr Fomsky}

Thank you for following our review of 2014. I am responding to Ebun’s post on 2015 goals. My 2015 hair goals are:

  1. Thicker hair. I hope to achieve this by continuing to:
    • ‘texlax my hair’
    • use protein conditioners
    • use essential oils + Lavender Jamaican black castor oil
  2. Trim off remaining inches of bone straight relaxed hair
  3. Full APL. Even though I will be trimming my hair this year, I still hope I can reach APL by the end of the year. I will be taking hair supplements to accelerate my hair growth.
  4. Keep my hair tips/ends hidden as much as possible. Although I enjoyed leaving my hair out last year, I want to conserve as much length as I can this year.
  5. Relax my hair every 3 months. I am hoping I can keep the time to a maximum of 15 minutes only.
  6. Start a hair journal to track the hair techniques  & products I use weekly and daily. Plus taking note of how my hair reacts to my products and techniques.
  7. Start a free online ‘Hair reform academy’ to help people who are interested in learning how to take care of their hair. More details coming next month.
  8. Do a curl former set at least twice this year.
  9. Make Youtube videos at least once a month.

New type of websites — video blog AKA vlog with old-fashion TV set.

So, what are your 2015 hair goals?

I will be posting my 2015 hair regimen in my next 4 posts: weekly, day-do-day maintenance, henna AND flat iron regimens.

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  1. Hello Dr fomsky, I have a question please. I was using the ors olive oil normal strength relaxer, I bought the ors olive oil relaxer for girls to use.is it safe to transition like that? I want to now texlax instead of relaxing bone straight.

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