10 most popular posts of 2014

To continue our 2014 review, we are going to be listing our top read posts of 2014. Simply click on any of them to read.

  1. Healthy Nigerian food timetable
  2. The journey towards a flat belly – know some facts first!
  3. How I styled my kinky braids!
  4. Greenhouse effect regimen
  5. JBCO as a deep conditioner
  6. Using JBCO to ‘prepoo’
  7. #SIZZELLEHAIRLINECHALLENGE is over – Sorry for the delay in posting results! Vote for the most improved hairline.
  8. The Art of flexirods
  9. Q: My hair is scanty. I need full, long hair.
  10. My healthy hair and skin secret


Happy New Year once again!! 

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