Top selling products January – June 2016

Top selling products January – June 2016
Image June 27, 2016 Announcements,Hair products,Sizzelle announcements Sizzelle Online Store

Hi guys. We are already midway through the year and we thought we’d share the products that people keep coming back for in our store. The list below is in a descending order of preference: Jamaican Black Castor Oil 4 oz Jamaican Black Castor Oil 8 oz Cantu Shea butter leave-in conditioning repair creme 16

Understanding the rationale behind mixing conditioners: a MUST-READ!!!
Image January 3, 2015 Beauty product ingredients,Conditioning,Hair,Hair babble,Hair care techniques,Hair care tips,Hair topics Dr Fomsky

Hi dear people. Last year was a major year of experimenting for me and I tried my hands at mixology. I really really enjoyed the results I got but I have decided to simplify my regimen as much as I can (it’s still a bit long but better I think. Plus, mixing up stuff takes

This Is What Nigerians Think About Genetically Modified Organisms(GMO)
Image October 28, 2016 Health & Fitness Ebun Oluwole

What do you know about Genetic Modified Organisms (GMOs) – the technology that moves genes from one specie to the other? From an animal to a fruit, from a fruit to a vegetable or straight from the cow into the milk. Would you eat chicken that was made from cassava, pork that has the genes

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Has Just Been Announced As The New Face Of Boots No7 Beauty Brand
Image October 27, 2016 Celebrity talk Ebun Oluwole

Boots, popular pharmacy chain in the UK and Ireland officially announced that Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, writer, and feminist icon, will be the new face of their No7 beauty brand. According to Vogue, Chimamanda’s first campaign for the range will launch on Friday, October 21, with print, online, and TV advertising where Chimamanda speaks about how she used to fear

Ajali Vanilla & Lime Lip Scrub (Review)
Image October 27, 2016 Product reviews Ebun Oluwole

I think I finally know why I don’t patronize upcoming organic skincare brands. The truth is, I don’t think they offer anything different from what I make at home and I’m not mincing words. Every time I try to make an attempt, I end up getting disappointed. This is the case with the Ajali Vanilla

How To Prepare The Ultimate Nigerian Stirfry
Image October 23, 2016 Health & Fitness,Healthy food ideas Ebun Oluwole

If you’re anything like me, you might have been searching for healthier versions of Nigerian foods. The very first step I took was to substitute frying for grilling. This wasn’t really accepted with open arms in my family but over time they have come to learn. Just yesterday, I grilled my plantain instead of frying

4 Natural Health Stores In Lagos
Image October 23, 2016 Business feature Ebun Oluwole

So many natural health stores are currently springing up in Lagos and I’m here for it. This shows that the awareness is gradually getting to the right people and action is being taken. This is a welcome idea and we are embracing it with both hands. Let it not be said that we were left hanging so I’ve

Natural Nigerian Lemon & Alpha Hydroxy Acid Black Soap (Review)
Image October 22, 2016 Product reviews Ebun Oluwole

During my last NITC16 haul, I mentioned that I bought one of Natural Nigerian’s black soap asides from the raw black soap I usually buy. I always like to have a ready-made black soap asides from my homemade black soap. Well, I’ve been using NN’s soap since September and I’m halfway through. I just remembered

The Hormone-Balancing Series by Eze Onwuegbu
Image October 22, 2016 Health & Fitness Ebun Oluwole

Eze Onwuegbu is not a stranger anymore. As a natural health entrepreneur, every now and then he dishes some truths as we have seen in the wellness, exercise and weight loss series. This time, he is teaching us how to balance our hormones. Don’t forget that you can join the conversation on his Instagram page and

Are These The Best Foundations For Oily And Acne – Prone Skin?
Image October 21, 2016 Makeup Ebun Oluwole

I often review the current foundation that I’m using on my dry skin. I also thought I would be nice to have reviews from other people with different skin types especially to see how their skin reacts to makeup so as to save money and make better choices on the long run. I currently subscribe to

How To Style Your Short Relaxed Hair
Image October 21, 2016 Hair Ebun Oluwole

I met LolaOJ briefly at the registration stand of Beauty Africa Expo. Two things stood out for me; her flawless makeup and her signature short hair. She’s one of those people who tempts me to have short hair. So, when I saw this tutorial for her signature style, I knew I had to share for

My Love-Hate Relationship With Cantu Leave-in Repair Cream
Image October 20, 2016 Hair,Leave-in conditioners Ebun Oluwole

The other time, I wrote a review for Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in Repair cream. Well, I take it all back. After exhausting my first tub, I’m here to correct the misconceptions I had. 1. The fragrance still puts me off. It’s so overwhelming and it lingers for a long time. 2. The size – price