Top selling products January – June 2016

Top selling products January – June 2016
Image June 27, 2016 Announcements,Hair products,Sizzelle announcements Sizzelle Online Store

Hi guys. We are already midway through the year and we thought we’d share the products that people keep coming back for in our store. The list below is in a descending order of preference: Jamaican Black Castor Oil 4 oz Jamaican Black Castor Oil 8 oz Cantu Shea butter leave-in conditioning repair creme 16

Understanding the rationale behind mixing conditioners: a MUST-READ!!!
Image January 3, 2015 Beauty product ingredients,Conditioning,Hair,Hair babble,Hair care techniques,Hair care tips,Hair topics Dr Fomsky

Hi dear people. Last year was a major year of experimenting for me and I tried my hands at mixology. I really really enjoyed the results I got but I have decided to simplify my regimen as much as I can (it’s still a bit long but better I think. Plus, mixing up stuff takes

The Myth About Exercise
Image September 17, 2016 Health & Fitness Ebun Oluwole

Eze Onwuegbu, a natural health researcher, and a biomedical researcher is back with another series. This time, it’s the ‘Exercise Myth Series’. His previous series includes weight loss, health and wellness. In this 4 – part  series, he debunks all the myths we have attached to exercise particularly with weight loss and reveals the truth about them.

This Former Beauty Queen Is Helping Couples Conceive Via IVF
Image September 16, 2016 Celebrity talk Ebun Oluwole

Ibidun Ighodalo is a former beauty queen, successful entrepreneur, and a Pastor’s wife. She has been married for over nine years and hasn’t been able to conceive. Now, instead of feeling sorry for herself, she launched the Ibidun Ighodalo Foundation to award grants for fertility treatment such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Frozen Embryo Transfer and

7 Times TasalaHQ Restored Our Faith In Nigerian Salons
Image September 15, 2016 Hair Ebun Oluwole

The first time I heard about TasalaHQ salon was when Ekene went for a silk press. You can read about it here. It was so well done that they left an impression on me immediately. I couldn’t take it out of my head. From the products used, customer service, I knew I had to visit

Naturals In The City 16 Is On The 17th Of September. Get The Details!
Image September 14, 2016 Events Ebun Oluwole

The other time, I shared five reasons why you should attend a meet-up.  Well, another opportunity is here. This time, it’s the quarterly natural lifestyle meetup – Naturals In The City. The sixteenth edition. Out of all of the editions, I’ve only attended about five but I’m glad I was able to. After all, it’s better

4 Other Ways To Remove Your Makeup Besides Coconut Oil
Image September 13, 2016 Makeup Ebun Oluwole

One of those things we keep hammering about is the removal of makeup at the end of the day. Even if you don’t take care of your skin, the worst thing you could possibly do to it is to sleep with makeup on. Many makeup brands are composed of toxic chemicals that are dangerous to skin

Learn How To Make Virgin Coconut Oil At Home
Image September 12, 2016 Oils for hair Ebun Oluwole

You’ll probably be seeing a lot of simple tutorials that you can do at home from now on. We need to find different ways to be frugal and this is definitely one of them. Have you ever tried to make coconut oil by yourself at home? I know I have. Once. The quantity I got

A Simple Guide To Home Manicure
Image September 10, 2016 Nails Ebun Oluwole

I can’t be the only one that has a home manicure kit or am I? I think not. It’s only recently that I started going to a nail salon and I don’t wear nail extensions. Before now, I’ve done my nails myself. Of course, I’ve gathered a decent collection of nail polishes but here are

5 Nigerian Superfoods You Should Know
Image September 9, 2016 Health & Fitness,Healthy food ideas Ebun Oluwole

I’m sure you must have noticed the rise of superfoods around the world. Simply put, they are nutrient powerhouses that pack large doses of antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals. They are those foods we usually don’t like to eat but have now been thrown under the spotlight to reduce our susceptibility to illnesses. Really, if you

Have You Ever Wondered What Caesarean Section Feels Like? Watch Ariyike And Sisi Yemmie Talk ABout Their Experiences
Image September 7, 2016 Personal Care Ebun Oluwole

One day, my mother casually mentioned that she had me through caesarean section. She mentioned something about me being too small. I was quite young when she told me this and I didn’t think too much about it. Ever since then, I’ve been avoiding the word like a plague and never bothered to read up

12 Wellness Services Available In Lagos
Image September 6, 2016 Business feature,Personal Care Ebun Oluwole

I love visiting the spas. Every month, I try to give myself a spa treat just to reward myself for my hard work. Initially, I thought it would be a challenge to find affordable spas but when I started looking, I realized that a lot of them that have popped up. Oh well, good for