Take Our Sizzelle Reader Survey

Take Our Sizzelle Reader Survey
Image November 5, 2016 Announcements,Giveaways, sales, surveys & challenges,Hair,Q&A Ebun Oluwole

Here at Sizzelle, our readers matter to us. Our goal is to satisfy everyone who visits our store and the blog by extension. This is why we decided to introduce the Sizzelle Reader Survey. From time to time, we are going to be having these surveys to keep us on track. The idea is to tailor our

Top selling products January – June 2016
Image June 27, 2016 Announcements,Hair products,Sizzelle announcements Sizzelle Online Store

Hi guys. We are already midway through the year and we thought we’d share the products that people keep coming back for in our store. The list below is in a descending order of popularity: Jamaican Black Castor Oil 4 oz Jamaican Black Castor Oil 8 oz Cantu Shea butter leave-in conditioning repair creme 16

Get This Diabetic Friendly Recipe For Mushroom Soup
Image November 29, 2016 Health & Fitness,Healthy food ideas Ebun Oluwole

The 14th of November was World Diabetes Day but throughout the month of November, food vloggers/chefs have been sharing diabetic – friendly recipes and this is one of them. Flo Madubike of All Nigerian Recipes shared a recipe for Mushroom Soup.  Sounds familiar?   What she said, As a continuation of the World Diabetes Month, here’s another

These Hilarious Videos Of Yagazie Emezi And Her Natural Hair Will Make Your Day
Image November 28, 2016 Celebrity talk,Hair Ebun Oluwole

One of my favorite ways to relax is to watch funny YouTube videos. They have a way of relaxing my nerves after a long day of writing. It’s the best, to be honest. One day, I stumbled on Yagazie Emezi’s videos and I could not stop. Before I know it, I had watched about five

Upcoming Hair Events In December
Image November 28, 2016 Events,Hair Ebun Oluwole

The end of the year is here and so are the events! If you haven’t been able to find time to attend any event throughout the year, this is the time to do so. Also, if you would like to increase your stream of income through wig-making, there are workshops for you.   Get Wigged

Our Favourite Featured Products Of The Week
Image November 28, 2016 Announcements,Hair Ebun Oluwole

We’re back again with a list of our current favourite products in the Sizzelle store just to keep you aware of the products we stock. Without further ado;   1. Rainbow Research – French Green Clay Mask Powder – 8 oz 100% Natural •Cosmetic Grade Mask Powder Green Clay is used at the finest spas

Here’s How To Keep Your Oily Skin Matte All Day
Image November 27, 2016 Makeup,Skin talk Ebun Oluwole

The biggest challenge people with oily skin probably have is keeping their makeup matte all day especially at an owambe for instance. You don’t want to keep touching up every hour just because you need your makeup in check which is why I’m happy to present you Omabelle‘s quick fix. Y’all need to come together and

How To Make Lemon, Ginger And Pineapple Juice
Image November 27, 2016 Health & Fitness,Healthy food ideas Ebun Oluwole

When my friends noticed that I quit soda, I got questioning looks from them. They all kept wondering if something was wrong with me. In my defense, I told them that I would rather start taking care of my health now and not wait until I’m 40. Since then, I’ve been looking out for healthy

Satin Bonnets: Stay On vs Drawstring?
Image November 27, 2016 Hair,Hair care tips Ebun Oluwole

One of the fundamental rules of hair care is sleeping with a satin bonnet. Whatever you do, make sure you sleep with a satin bonnet. Ideally, your hair must be moisturized daily, mostly at night. But practically, that really never happens except if you think it’s really dry. Bonnets particularly prevent your hair from drying out

4C Natural Hair: Get The Fluffiest Braidout With This Tutorial
Image November 26, 2016 Hair Ebun Oluwole

As you all know, our Sizzelle Reader Survey is ongoing (If you don’t know, what are you waiting for?) and we’re taking note of your responses and requests. So, if you want something that we are not currently offering, this is the time to let us know. One of the most recurring requests we got

Recap: Nigerian Natural Hair & Beauty Show 2016
Image November 26, 2016 Events,Hair Ebun Oluwole

The second edition of the annual Nigerian Natural Hair and Beauty Show was held over the weekend. According to the organizer, Kinky Apothecary, the show aims to celebrate natural hair, beauty, and lifestyle. So, they gathered a bunch of natural hair and beauty influencers to show you how it’s done. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend. I

Wash Day Chronicles: Henna & Indigo For Black Hair
Image November 25, 2016 Hair Ebun Oluwole

For a while now, I’ve been craving black hair. I got tired of my highlights and entire hair color. I needed a change that didn’t involve permanent chemical dyes because I knew I would get bored again. I stumbled on Indigo a.k.a Black Henna while creating content for the Sizzelle store. I was planning to write a